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  • 10/10/2015: 1.5 'Kruger 60' alpha 3c is now available for download. It includes improvements in EPG, proxy support UDP / RTP, and other changes and enhancements.
  • The alpha 3c and the alpha 3b replace the alpha 3, as it has been discovered a serious bug in the installer that prevents the application is properly installed and that causes an error when trying to view the channels. The alpha 3 is no longer available for download.
  • 09/26/2015: We have detected a change in the way that Movistar sends certain fragments of the EPG. This causes the EPG downloader program to crash and close. Alpha 3 includes code to detect this situation and avoids this problem.

Brief description

This application allows to access Movistar television content (movistar+, formerly Movistar TV or Imagenio) from a Windows PC and schedule recordings of programs on the PC.
IMPORTANT! This program requires, necessarily, having contracted movistar+ in either fiber (FFTH) or DSL mode in Spain. The satellite connection is not supported. Nore information

movistar+ channels and services - DVB-IPTV (1.5 “Kruger 60” Alpha 3c)

NOTICE: This software IS NOT SUPPORTED NOR ENDORSED by Movistar or Telefónica. Telefónica de España has no responsibility if there are channels that can not be seen on the PC, even if they are part of contracted services. DO NOT EVER CALL 1002 or 1004 if channels disappear from the list or can not be seen or any other abnormality. Telefónica only provides help and support for their physical decoder and only for the contracted services.

What is this project

The focus of this project is to provide a "software" version of the movistar+ decoder, allowing to access the contents of the Movistar television in Spain (formerly Movistar TV or Imagenio) in any home PC with Windows. In other words, having a virtual decoder.

In the long run the final aim of this project is to create a virtual decoder that provides 100% of the functionality of the physical Movistar TV decoder while adding extra features and functionality.

What's available and what is not

The current version (1.0 update 1) allows for:
  • Accessing the list of available channels
  • Viewing the channels (using VLC)
  • Recording programs on the PC by scheduling VLC recording capabilities.
The following common features of the physical decoder are not available:
  • Filtering of channels (all channels are listed, irrespective of being available or not broadcasting)
  • Logical numbers of channels
  • Use of the EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • "On-the-cloud" recordings (viewing and scheduling)
What's on the radar: (short-term)
  • EPG (now available with v1.5 alpha 0 and following releases)
  • Filter by "package"
  • Improvements in the management of the recordings on the PC
What's on the radar: (mid-term)
  • An "integrated viewer" (instead of having to launch VLC to view the channels)

Hardware and Software Requirements

See updated and detailed requirements in the documentation page requisitos previos. (In Spanish only).

Additional information

  • This software is provided "as is" and may stop working at any time if Telefónica makes changes to its Movistar TV service.
  • Logos of most of the currently broadcasted channels are provided. These logos are property of the respective channels and businesses. They are provided in "good faith", in order to identify the different contents.
  • Portions of the code have been developed by third parties. Please read the licensing agreement for each linked and/or part of the source code before using the software.
  • The Grupo Telefónica owns the intellectual property rights relating to its products and services and specifically those relating to the registered trademarks 'telefónica' and 'movistar'. Its use in the context of this program and the documentation is for information purposes only, without implying being endorsed, supported or approved by Grupo Telefónica.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All the software in this Project is translated to English; if you're runnning a non-Spanish versión of Windows (or if your display language is not Spanish), all texts will be shown in English. However, all the documentation and guides on this site are provided only in Spanish. Consider using Google Translate or another translation engine to provide a reasonable English translation of the documentation.

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