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Important usage information

This program requires, necessarily, having contracted a movistar+ subscription in either fiber (FFTH) or DSL mode in Spain.
The satellite connection is not supported.
  • There is no evidence that this program works for Movistar customers from countries other than Spain.
  • This program does not allows you to access to the contents of movistar+ away from home, as neither the official Movistar physical decoder does. Yoy may use "Yomvi de movistar+" to access your movistar+ subscription.
If you are using a WiFi connection, we recommend connecting the computer directly to the DSL or WiFi router using a LAN cable, as not all WiFi connections are reliable and provide the necessary connection quality.
  • Only use the router provided and officially configured by movistar. Other network equipment may block the necessary network signals to access movistar+ information services and/or TV channels.
This program behaves as the official movistar+ decoder does and uses the same protocols and techniques to acces contents.
Please respect intellectual property rights when using this program. This program has not been coincieved to promote piracy.
  • You might have access to channels outside of your subscription. Please refrain from viewing or accessing these channels.
  • Locally record programs are for your personal enjoyment only. Do not distribute or share recorded programs. Doing so is an offence and may be punished with fines and/or imprisonment.

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